Norovirus :: Viral Outbreak in Criccieth – Update

Testing has identified Norovirus as the cause of illness in two care homes in the Criccieth area. In the Bryn Awelon home, 22 of the 30 residents and eight of the 22 staff have had the stomach bug. The first person fell ill on 22_December and the last case was reported on 29_December.

A male resident died on 29_December and a female resident died on New Year?s Day. The male resident had a terminal illness and both were already frail and poorly. Staff and residents have now recovered from the 24 hour illness.

In the Plas Gwyn home, the first case of the illness was found on 28 December. Of the 34 residents, 24 have been ill; and of the 42 staff, 17 have been ill. A male resident died at the home on 29 December. He was also frail and poorly and had other health problems.

The symptoms experienced in both homes involve diarrhoea and/or vomiting and typically last for about 24 hours. Infection control advice has been given in both homes to restrict the spread of the virus. Testing has now identified Norovirus as the virus responsible for the illness. It is common at this time of year to see an increase in activity of this viral illness.

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