My films are Celebration of life – Jiri Menzel

The director of the directors and the recipient of the lifetime Achievement Award at the 44th International Film Festival of India, Jiri Menzel said, ‘life is good for living and my films are a celebration of life’.

Jiri Menzel was addressing the mediapersons here. Underscoring the basic component of his films, Jiri Menzel said, ‘I don’t make intelligent or stupid films, I make films for my neighbours.’

On the idea of censorship, Jiri Menzel admitted, ‘freedom is good for adult people but, unfortunately, the people are not adult enough.’ The advent of new technologies has never been impending to my work, he added.

About the essential comic tone of most of his films, he acknowledged humour has been a measure for him to survive pain. Responding to a question on how he views new wave cinema being it’s pioneer, Jiri Menzel said he has not worked on a manifesto, it just happened.

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