Migraine :: Women’s Migraine Survival Guide

An Oregon physician provides smart advice on how to identify migraine headaches, treat them, and prevent their interference with day-to-day life. She discusses the difference between migraines and other types of headaches, the newest medications available, and touches on alternative therapies that might work.

Of the 23 million Americans who suffer from migraines, nearly 18 mil-lion are women. Factors such as hormones, lifestyle, and diet–which vary vastly in women and men–are now being shown to affect what is still considered an unpredictable and hard-to-treat ailment.

The Women’s Migraine Survival Guide offers pragmatic, practical advice specifically for women to help them understand their migraines and find treatments for real relief. It reveals the latest in breakthrough medications like Imitrex,Amerge, Zomig, and Maxalt and the new forms they are taking( nasal sprays and rapidly dissolving tablets). It also offers sound advice on alternative holistic remedies such as supplements, acupuncture, and herbs.

You’ll Find Out:

What a migraine really is and why it affects more women than men
What your personal triggers are and how to prevent an oncoming attack
What menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause have to do with migraines which prescription and nonprescription drugsbest relieve your individual symptoms
Which vitamins and alternative remediesare safe, reliable, and offer real relief
How to keep migraines from restricting your life

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