Lipitor :: Pfizer’s Lipitor Data at the American College of Cardiology Meeting

Pfizer announced that new data regarding the effect of Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) on atherosclerosis, cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes, and health economics will be presented next week at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting in New Orleans.

Three large imaging studies compared Pfizer?s former investigational compound torcetrapib plus Lipitor versus Lipitor alone.

?Lipitor is the only statin that has been evaluated in well-controlled head-to-head imaging trials,? said Dr. Michael Berelowitz, senior vice president of Pfizer?s global medical division. ?In previous imaging trials, intensive therapy with Lipitor resulted in regression or halting of atherosclerosis.?

Cardiovascular Event Trials

Analyses will be presented from three outcomes trials evaluating statin therapy in three patient populations, including one that had never been studied before: those who have had a recurrent stroke but no heart disease.

?Imaging trials are scientifically interesting but not a substitute for outcomes trials evaluating the long-term safety and impact of therapy on patients? risk of cardiovascular events,? Dr. Berelowitz said. ?Lipitor has shown cardiovascular benefit in a broad range of patients in more outcomes trials than any other cholesterol-lowering medication.?

Evaluating the Economic Value of Treatment with Lipitor

Pfizer will present new health economics analyses from two landmark Lipitor trials. Previous health economic analyses have shown that Lipitor is a cost-effective choice even in comparison to low-cost generic simvastatin.

Implications of the Data

?Lipitor is the best-studied medication in its class, and the results of these new trials will provide important new information for physicians and managed care decision-makers in choosing the right cholesterol treatment for their patients,? said Dr. Berelowitz.

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