India becomes first country to reach martian orbit in first attempt

The Mars Orbiter Mission was successfully inserted into Martian orbit today morning. The liquid Apogee motor was fired for about 24 minutes to reduce the speed of the spacecraft and orient it towards the red planet. India is the only country in the world that has achieved this feat in its first attempt itself.

Congratulating the scientists of ISRO including its Chairman K Radhakrishnan for this remarkable feat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, this victory of Indian scientists should be celebrated in all schools and colleges. The Prime Minister said, the launch was indigenously designed at a cost less than that spent on a Hollywood movie. He pointed out that our scientists and young people are capable of taking challenges in unknown regions and push frontiers.

The anxious moment before Mars Orbiter Mission was inserted into Martian orbit was palpable. The Mission Control complex at ISRO with its huge monitor, series of computers that was closely monitored by space scientists itself was mind boggling. Once the signal arrived of the spacecraft taking a curve around Mars and progressing on its orbit there was jubilation around the centre.

Prime Minister hugged ISRO Chairman and shook hands with every scientist who had toiled for 10 long months to achieve this unique feat. The five instruments on the satellite will be switched on gradually and by evening the first picture of Mars is expected to arrive. The presence of methane gas on Mars will be explored by these instruments.

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