Homoeoapthic medicines are immuno-modulators – a scientific explanation

Homoeopathic Medicine Are Nothing But The Chemical Imaging Of The Drug Substance On The Vehicle ( Milk Sugar, Sugar, Alcohol Or Water) Which Will Be Better Explained By Photochemistry, Which Is Different Of Each Medical Substance In Different Potencies.

In Order To Understand How Homoeopathy Functions Inside The Human Body One Had To Have Some Basic Knowledge Of Physiology, Embryology, Immunology, Genetics Etc.

• Human being is an organized multicellular animal. All cells are interconnected, interrelated and interdependent to form tissues and organs.

• Cell is the basic living unit of the body. The location of each cell is such that to & fro diffusion of substances is established.

• Basic cell structure is the same for all tissue cells.

• All cells tissues and organs are connected by multitude of feedback systems which are balanced by what is called as homeostasis.

• All cells give and take nutrients like fat, proteins, carbohydrates, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium etc and have an electrical potential which is so adjusted as to form a potential gradient so that these substances can be transported to and fro.

• Transport for all natural is generally passive and does not consume energy. Transport of certain nitrogenous compound i.e. Toxins is active and involves consumption of energy which comes from ATP in mitochondria. This explains the weakness in a human being when toxins are being transported from cell especially in an illness.


It Amply Demonstrates The Existence Of Following Growth Axis Gradients.

• -Axis Of Apical Dominance.

• -Cranio-caudal Growth Axis.

• -Dorso-ventral Growth Axis.

• -Proximo-distal Growth Axis.

If growth takes place along these morphogenetic fields and axis, there is bound to exist a life giving, life sustaining nutrient gradient, along this axis. As against this, the degradation of immune system ultimately results in death so that there is bound to exist a toxic gradient, which has to be exactly opposite in action and direction. Hence disease shall appear in a being in the following order:-

• Outside inwards i.e. from ectodermal skin to endodermal membranes of respiratory, genito-urinary and gastro-intestinal tracts.Skin to deeper systems indicating from less important to more important organs.

• Distro-proximally i.e. from periphery to centre.

• Caudo-cranially i.e. from down to upwards.


Human being is kept free from diseases by the immune system. Hence any impairment of the same causes disease.

Disease means impaired immunity is what every homoeopath has to understand and the conventional concept of disease i.e. infection or disturbed function of organ or system or degradation of any system only follows the disturbance in immunity.

Immunity to man is given by multiple factors like:-

• Skin

• mucous membranes

• Iysozomes

• Immuno globulins

• T & B Lymphocyte

• compliment factors –C-1, C-2

• interferon & interleukins

A balance or homeostasis of all these is required to keep a man healthy. Essentially what is called in homoeopathic terms as VITAL FORCE is the immunity or resistance.(as written in Physiology book by Gyton)

Reestablished of disturbed nutrient gradient subsequently balancing the disturbed immune system is what homoeopaths call a cure.

Actions of Homoeopathic Medicines

• When a pollute is kept on the tongue, the molecular impression ( chemical imaging ) of the drug being on the glucose or alcohol molecule, because of different hydrogen or carbon bonding ( different at different potencies) stimulates the nucleus of the cell in contact.

• The messenger RNA of “x” of stimulated cell get depressed producing “x” in the cell which ultimately diffuses to neighboring cell to produce antiviral proteins (AVP) like beta-2 micro-globulin, (antibodies) etc.

• The AVP bring about

– Immuno-modultion, i.e. stimulation or depression of the local immunce system.

– Activating the toxic gradient out of the local system.

– Thus causing amelioration in parts where the AVP is diffused

• The “x” molecules are of three parts, two of which have local receptors in local cells. Hence action is found only in local part, organ or system. The partially similar homoeopathic medicines, the specifies, the organopathic remedies or the ones prescribed on PQRS, particulars, only causation etc. induce such results.

The disadvantages of this type of treatment are:-

• Toxic gradient is pushed upwards from less important to more important system or organ, causing suppression and new disease in higher planes of embryology since the toxins impair immunity at that plane.

• Since toxic gradient ascends with active transport. Weakness follows, and there is no sense of well being.

Action of “x” molecules of third type produced by stimulated cell {these are produced by genetically constitutionally similimum (G.C.S.) } are general and systemic in action. Their receptors are found in brain cells and can initiate a multitude of actions in brain and in spinal cells, down to organs of mesoderm, down to the connective tissues and ultimately to endoderm & ectoderm.

Hence the action is simultaneous at various levels to put the patient back to health. And this is what we call the action of homoeopathic simillimum with “SINGLE REMEDY, MINIMUM DOES”.

ie why homoeopathic medicines are Immuno-modulators not immuno-suppressants

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  1. Very logical and wonderful explanation of mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines in the animal body. But the western world are not supposed to be agreed with this explanation at all. Because they always run behind the standard model which, in their words can analyze everything.


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