Homeopathy healing 80% leprosy patients restoring lost sensation

Prevention of Disability in Leprosy – a project claims of restoring sensation to the affected parts of body in leprosy patients with homeopathic medicines. The project started for leprosy patients from the districts of Raigarh and Janjgir-Champa, had shown encouraging results with over 80% of them recovering senses to their affected body parts.

The project – Prevention of Disability in Leprosy – cure persons through homeopathy, was started in January 2013 following a MoU signed by the Department of AAYUSH with the Society for Welfare of Handicapped Persons and State Resource Centre, Chhattisgarh.

Under the project, 2,700 such patients – who had undergone multi drug allopathic treatment for leprosy but were suffering from ulcers and lack of sensation in affected body parts – were selected and administered homeopathic drugs for a year to restore sensation.

According to project head, Dr Dhruv Chakravarty, Society for Welfare of Handicapped Persons, though the multi-drug allopathic treatment cures leprosy, it often fails to cure the lack of sensation and disability in the affected body parts.

“After the year-long homeopathy course, it was found that more than 80% of the patients had recovered the senses in their affected body parts and their wounds had healed,” said Dr Dhruv.

Positive effects of the homeopathic medicines were found on the nerves, the bones and the immunity of the patients.

AAYUSH officials said chief minister Raman Singh had been informed about the success of the experiment during a simple ceremony organized at his residence on the eve of World Leprosy Prevention Day. He congratulated the team for successful results of the test.

CM instructed principal secretary of Health Department, MK Raut to discuss about the benefits of this treatment with doctors of Society for Welfare of Handicapped Persons and to explore the possibilities of expanding this project to other parts of the state.

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