Homeopathic Medicine :: Sepia – Cuttle-Fish Juice

Indicated principally in diseases of women, preferably of dark hair, rigid fibre, milk disposition; in menstrual irregularities, uterine displacements, affections occurring during pregnancy, lying-in, and lactation; in the constipation connected with these troubles. Described as ?washer-woman?s remedy;? ?everything goes to the back.?

Yellow spots on the face; yellow saddle across the nose.

Burning pain and sensation of dragging in small of the back.

Attacks of prostration and sinking weakness, coming on suddenly, without actual fainting.

Goneness and faintness at the epigastrium, better from eating.

Backache, worse from standing and walking, better from sitting or lying down.

General pelvic distress, better from pressure from without and from crossing the legs.

Pressing and dragging sensation over sacrum and hips, with burning pressure in the spine.

All the pains seem to go to the back.

Great sensitiveness to cold air; deficiency of vital heat.

Indifference to everything; indolent, dreads even to think of doing anything; dreads meeting an old fried; sad; weeps easily.

Tongue foul, but clean during menses.

Taste offensive, slimy, putrid, like rotten egg, with eructations of the same character.

Constipation; stools hard, knotty, in balls; sense of weight or of a ball in the anus, not relieved by stool; stool difficult, with pain in the rectum, lasting for a long time.

Child wets the bed as soon as it goes to sleep.

Urine deposits a pinkish sediment, firmly adhering to the vessel.


Herpetic eruptions in isolated spots on the upper part of the body; itching not better from scratching, but changing to a burning sensation.

Worse from cold; from sexual excesses; in the evening.

Better in the warm bed; from hot applications.

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