Fruit Juice :: Purple grape juice better source of natural antioxidants

Researchers at Glasgow University revealed that a diet rich in fruit juice could cut the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases.

A team of researchers at UK Glasgow University has carried out one of the first studies into the benefits of antioxidants, and found that grape, apple and cranberry juices contained high amounts of the beneficial chemicals and antioxidants – which reduce cell damage caused by free radicals, a major cause of disease and ageing.

Research results showed purple grape juice made with Concord grapes contains the highest and broadest range of polyphenols as well as having the highest antioxidant capacity, equal to those found in a Beaujolais red wine.

A glass of purple grape juice a day could leave you feeling in the pink. It is the most effective of all fruit juices at preventing heart disease and cancer.

Supplementing a healthy diet with a regular intake of a variety of fruit juices such as purple grape juice, grapefruit juice, cloudy apple juice and cranberry juice, will, without major dietary changes, increase the consumer’s intake of phenolic antioxidants.

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