Homeopathic Medicine :: PLUMBUM

1. – Distinct blue line along margins of gums.

2. – Violent colic; abdomen retracted to the spine, as if drawn in by a string.

3. – Excruciating pains in the umbilical region, to other portions of the abdomen and body, somewhat relieved by pressure.

4. – Constipation; stools scanty, hard, in lumps, or balls like sheep’s dung, black or green colour, passed with difficulty.

5. – Sharp, lightning-like neuralgic pains in lower limbs, mostly from hips to knees, occurring in paroxysms, more from movement.


(SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA ; Written by Class of 1897 of Chicago Homoeopathic Medical ; Rewritten by J. W. Hutchison, M. D. of Saginaw, Mich.)

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