Homeopathic Medicine :: Phosphorus

Indicated in low states, like typhoid fever, with painless diarrhoea, hepatic and splenic enlargement and haemorrhagic tendency; in fatty degeneration of heart, liver and pancreas; in many diseases of the respiratory tract, as laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, phthisis and chronic coughs, with absence of fever, and tendency to bleeding from trifling causes; in gastric ulcer, haematemesis, gastritis, gastralgia with burning, constrictive, knife-like pain; in diseases of the liver, as jaundice, especially of a severe type, and cirrhosis; in diseases of the pancreas; in nervous affections, as chorea, paralysis, brain-fag, softening of the brain, insanity, especially with ideas of grandeur; in diabetes; in caries of bones, as lower jaw, nasals, vertebrae; in sexual exhaustion and the evils attending it; well adapted to tall thin persons of amative disposition, with a history of sexual excesses, and to cases of a pronounced haemorrhagic diathesis.

Headache, superficial, violent, tearing, occurring in single shocks, with heat and fulness in the head and buzzing in the ears.

Skin of forehead feels too tight.

Tearing pain (facial neuralgia) as though the flesh were torn off the bone.

Swelling and necrosis of lower jaw.

Pricking and stinging pain in decayed teeth; gums recede and bleed easily.

Red, dry stripe through the center of the tongue.

Thirst for very cold water, which is thrown up as soon as it gets warm in the stomach.

Burning and gnawing pain in a circumscribed spot in the stomach, extending back into the spine.

Constipation of long, slender, narrow, tough stools, passed with difficulty.

Stools watery, containing bits of fatty substance like tallow.

Gushing diarrhoea, like water from a hydrant, exhausting.

Loss of control over sphincter ani; oozing of liquids from constantly open anus.

Larynx dry, very sore, so he cannot talk; with tightness and feeling of excoriation in upper chest.

Hoarseness and aphonia; brought on by protracted loud shrieking.

Dry, tickling or hollow, spasmodic cough, with tightness across the chest.

Cough jars the whole body; worse from going from a warm room into the cold air; from laughing or talking; from lying on left side or back.

Expectoration chiefly in the morning; frothy, bloody, rust-colored; purulent, white, tough; of cold mucus; sour, sweet, salty.

Urine thick, turbid, like curdled milk, with brick-dust sediment and opalescent, variegated cuticle on top.

Irresistible sexual desire in men, with loss of power.

Chill extends downward, heat upward.

Slight wounds and polypi bleed much; pustules containing blood; haemorrhagic diathesis.

Worse from sweating; from getting hands and feet wet; from lying on painful side.

Better from lying on the right side; form cold food.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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