Homeopathic Medicine :: PHOSPHORIC ACID

1. – Perfect indifference, difficult comprehension; imbecility.

2. – Bones of the skull feel as if someone had scraped the swollen and tender periosteum with, a knife.

3. – Hair turns gray early, or flaxen, falls off especially after grief or sorrow.

4. – Yellow spots on the whites of the eyes.

5. – Red streak in middle of tongue, widens in front.

6. – Diarrhoea, not debilitating, though of long continuance.

7. – Pain in the liver during menstruation.

8. – Ailments from growing too fast.

9. – Bad effects from onanism, sexual excess, grief, sorrow, homesickness or unfortunate love.


(SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA ; Written by Class of 1897 of Chicago Homoeopathic Medical ; Rewritten by J. W. Hutchison, M. D. of Saginaw, Mich.)