Homeopathic Medicine :: Kali Iodatum – Iodide of Potash

Indicated in coryza, coughs, secondary and tertiary syphilis, scrofulous swellings of joints (knee) with effusion; pleuritis with effusion.

Cold begins in the head and travels downward toward the chest.

Enlargement and induration of glands.

Intense pain over the eyes and root of the nose.

Coryza, with profuse, watery, hot, acrid discharge and pain in the frontal sinus.

Pain in the chest, stitching, from the lungs to the back.

Violent cough, worse in the morning, with greenish expectoration, like soapsuds.

Arthiritic rheumatism (knee) with pale swelling of the joint and stitching pain.

Severe bone pains, with great sensitiveness to touch (tibia), worse at night and during damp weather. Nodes.

Hard lumps on the skull. Bony tumors of the orbits of the eyes.

Worse at night; during damp weather.

Better in the open air; on motion.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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