Homeopathic Medicine :: Adrenalin – Extract of Suprarenal bodies

Despondent and nervous; lack of interest in anything; no ambition; disinclination for mental work; absence of “grit.” Aversion to mental work, cannot concentrate thoughts.

Mind. Despondent and nervous; lack of interest in anything; no ambition; disinclination for mental work; absence of “grit.”
Aversion to mental work, cannot concentrate thoughts.

Head. Hot headache in left side, extending to right, agg. by reading and in morning, with a feeling as though the eyes were strained.
Frontal headache, supraorbital, with congested nose and eyes.
Burning heat in head, feeling as though he wanted to open eyes wide.
Headache extending all over head but agg. on left side and over eyes across forehead.
Severe pain amel. by pressure on the eyes.
Headache extending to the ears. All headaches are agg. in the afternoon or evening; in the evening they appear about seven PM and last until relieved by walk in the open air or sleep.
If headache appears in the afternoon the time is three PM, always amel. by walk in the open air, and some – what relieved by eating and sleeping, but not so completely as by walk in the open air.
Neuralgic headache; pains start from base of brain, go forward over the head to front and sides; pains are first shooting and seem to be just under the scalp, appear at eleven AM and last until 3 or four PM and disappear by eating, in open air, agg. in close, warm room.
Dull aching in the eyeballs with the headache, amel. by pressure and by rubbing the eyes.
Headache coming on at eleven AM, lasting until 12.30 at night, amel. by eating.
Dull feeling in the head from 3 to six PM

Eyes : – Strained feeling, congested, feeling as though he wanted to open them wide or press upon them.
Pain in the right eye. Pressure on the eyes and opening them wide amel. the headache.
Aching in eyeballs, amel. by pressure and rubbing.

Ears. Aching in the left ear accompanies the headache; sharp pain in both ears at times.
Itching and tickling in right ear, amel. by boring into ear with finger.

Nose. On going out into the cold air had a copious watery nasal discharge, agg. on right side; when indoors, the nose felt full and stopped up.
Slight stuffiness in the nose, with full feeling at the root of the nose.

Face. Feels flushed but is not red.
Flushes of heat over face and head; flushed throughout evening.

Mouth. Bad taste on waking.
Tongue coated white, red edge and tip.

Throat. Vocal cords inflamed; laryngeal catarrh, profuse secretion from the pharyngeal glands of whitish gelatinous mucus which was difficult to loosen.

Stomach. Appetite increased.
Sensation of nausea as though he would vomit.
Nausea before meals, though appetite is good when he once began to eat.
Appetite increased; ravenous hunger.

Stool. Stool loose, brown, semi – solid, passed quickly, with fetid odor.
Sudden spluttering diarrhoea; all over in a minute, followed with burning in anus.

Urine. Strong odor, hot and scalding; frequent, profuse, pale.
Burning before and during micturition.
Crystals of sodium oxalate increased while sodium urate appeared during the proving, and was very prominent, no casts.
Hematuria with severe pain in the renal region; cured.
Urine more frequent than usual.
Sexual desire increased, without erections.
Erections; lascivious dreams all night causing waking from sleep.
Emissions in early morning without any bad effects.

Respiratory. Cough, from irritation in suprasternal fossa.
Increase of respiratory movements, soon followed by suffocation and death from paralysis of medulla and pneumogastric (crude drugs).

Back. Pain especially on the left side; better by sitting up straight or lying straight.

Extremities. Slight rheumatic pains coming and going down leg.
Arms and legs go to sleep easily; numbness and tingling from below upwards.
Corns on the toes.
Rheumatic pains in left elbow and little finger on waking.
Legs tired and ache, especially in the calves and below the knees.
Ankles feel weak and tired.
Painful swelling on first finger of right hand, resulting in a felon.
Tired aching in arms and legs on waking.

Tissues. Prolonged contraction of the general muscular system. Repeated injections cause atheroma and heart lesions in animals.
The skin becomes bronzed; great loss of strength; rapid emaciation; exceedingly rapid pulse; irregular intermitting heart beats; general marked anaemia.

Sleep. Great sleepiness and drowsiness.
Dulness and sleepiness from 3 to six PM