Homeopathic & alternative health treatments becoming popular in US

First Annual Homeopathic and Holistic Health Fair was organised Sioux City in the western part of the State of Iowa in US, last Saturday. Around 300 people felt the vibration of the best complementary and alternative health care the area has to offer.

With more than 30 certified specialists and therapists present, it was an education upon the topic of traditional medicine. The Siouxland Homeopathic and Holistic Health Fair also had 11 different medical and holistic professionals as guest speakers. And it was difficult to find an empty chair at each presentation.

Scott-Wener-USA-homeopathicDr. Scott Werner held two such seminars. A former OB/GYN, Dr. Werner delivered over 2,000 babies successfully over 14 years and was recognized for his work in advanced laparoscopic and gynecological laser surgery and says the combination of both modern and traditional medicine has a better outcome versus a prescription pill.

“… We’ve seen great changes in the last ten to twenty years, bringing the other modalities back because we’ve been dismally affected by modern medicine. Americans have more health problems than the entire world…”

“… We’re 5% of the population, but 50% of the users of pharmaceuticals. And most of them are to suppress symptoms and don’t actually treat the core cause. So I think integration is important and we should use chiropractors, homeopathic doctors, medical doctors…”

“… Just go and get yourself healthy because relying just on the medical system is not working,” said Dr. Scott Werner, Health and Longevity, Inc.

Dr. Scott Werner uses herbs, homeopathic and energetic remedies and Chelation therapy in the improvement of health and wellness in “un-treatable illnesses and dis-ease”. Scott has lectured extensively to private and professional groups throughout the United States educating them about multiple healing modalities, and herbal products. He has thousands of clients all over the world, who have sought him out for his knowledge of the healing process.

This homeopathic event in US proves that Homeopathy would raise itself in medical mainstream in America.

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