Two hi-tech ships scouring Indian Ocean for black box of MH 370

The hunt for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 today entered a new phase with two hi-tech ships scouring a large area in the Indian Ocean for the black box of the jet before it falls silent.

Two naval ships with locator capabilities are searching a 240 kilometre underwater path, in the hope of recovering the plane’s data recorder that could help investigators unravel the mystery of what happened on March 8, the day the Beijing-bound plane dropped off radar.

Up to 14 planes and nine ships are participating in today’s search for the Boeing 777-200.

The British Royal Navy survey ship HMS Echo and the Australian naval supply ship Ocean Shield began searching the ocean’s depths today.

Time is running out in the efforts to detect the pings as the batteries that power the recorders’ beacons are expected to expire in the next four days.

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