High Fiber Diet :: High fiber diet reduces breast cancer risk

High fiber diet could halve the risk of developing breast cancer for pre-menopausal women, revealed by researchers at England’s University of Leeds.

Researchers have been tracking the eating habits and health of more than 35,000 women for the past seven years and have found that younger women who eat a high-fiber diet appear to be protected against the disease at least until the menopause.

The study led by Janet Cade found those with the highest fiber intake of 30 grams a day had a 50 percent lower incidence of breast cancer than those eating 20 grams a day. “Our study found no protective effect in the older group, but significant evidence of a link in the pre-menopausal women,” Janet Cade who led the research was quoted as saying.

The researchers advise a high-fiber diet featuring breakfast cereal, bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Additionally, the researchers also emphasized on the importance of vitamin C intake along with fiber. However, researchers believe that more work is needed in this field to draw conclusions.

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