Hidradenitis :: Homeopathic medicines for hidradenitis suppurativa, hydradenitis

Hidradenitis is a chronic inflammation of the apocrine glands, a type of sweat gland found on certain parts of the body. One or more red, tender swellings (lesions) may appear and fill with pus, typically in the areas of the groin, armpits or buttocks. The lesions enlarge and often open and drain on their own. Sometimes, a doctor needs to drain them. Scarring may result. Multiple blackheads (comedones) also are present in the affected areas.

Homeopathic medicines for hidradenitis suppurativa, hydradenitis

Reference from Morrison Desktop Guide (ReferenceWorks):

1. Calcarea Sulph (Calc-s.)


Abscesses. Acne. Allergy. Behavior disorders. Croup. Eczema. Hydradenitis (Hidradenitis). Impetigo. Mastoiditis. Otitis media. Scoliosis. Sinusitis.


Abscess formation at any location.
Boils which open and drain a yellowish pus for days, weeks, or even months at a time.
Cystic tumors.
Cracks of the skin, worse winter, worse washing.
Hydradenitis (Hidradenitis).

2. Juglans Regia (Jug-r.)


Juglans Regia is an important remedy in hydradenitis (Hidradenitis) producing a severe, scarring form of recurrent axillary abscesses. This remedy also has a reputation in occipital headaches.

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  1. Hello…I have been diagnosed with HS this month.Though I have no scarring as of now, I did have lesions, pus formation and tract formation right before my periods for the last two months.At the moment I am fine but when I read about the disease I freaked out.I am a 30 year old female. Please do help!!

  2. Hi, I have HS for many years 20! As I’m growing older its become sever I’m 46yrs old male, Asian living in USA from last 26 yrs. I have tried all possible treatments what my dermatologist offered but nothing seems to work. I have active Hs in my under arms, things right now it’s draining with foul smell as usual, other symptoms associated with flare ups. Constipation, fatigue, isolation and feeling been sick and low sex drive, some degree of erictile dysfunction. Please help me if you can!!!

  3. Hey Farid,
    Please show it to a homeopathic doctor. I have HS as well. Ten months back , I showed to a homeopathic doctor. I was almost entering into stage 3, now I am in stage 2 . I can tell you medicines which doc gave me but, homeopathic medicine is given according to symptoms. So your symptoms might be different. I am 30 year old female.


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