Hepatitis A :: Jamba juice employee diagnosed with hepatitis A at a Jamba store in San Jose, California

Last week, Jamba Juice was informed by the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health that an employee at San Jose/Willow Glen store has recently been diagnosed and treated for Hepatitis A, the mildest form of Hepatitis.

A message from Paul Clayton, the Chief Executive Officer of Jamba juice regarding employee diagnosed with hepatitis A at a Jamba store in San Jose, California :

Our customers’ health and well-being are the most important issue to Jamba Juice. We have worked in cooperation with the Public Health Department to put together a plan to quickly solve the situation. Jamba Juice will pay eligible individuals, who satisfy the reimbursement requirements, their reasonable, out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis A. For the reimbursement policy and form, please call Jamba Juice at 1-877-217-4780.

There is no connection between the contraction of the virus by this one individual and Jamba Juice stores and our products. We moved immediately to address this situation by taking the following actions:

– Conducted a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the store at Willow Glen.
– Disposed of all open products, including fresh fruit and produce, boosts, frozen products, and baked goods.
– Temporarily replaced the team at the store at Willow Glen with members from other local stores. This will be in place until our employees all have received a Hepatitis vaccination and a clean bill of health.
– Learned that the effected employee has been treated by the Department of Health and is now free of the virus.

Hepatitis A is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. Hepatitis A can affect anyone. There is no chronic or long-term infection; however, it can make you uncomfortable. Symptoms include:

Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes)
Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite

Symptoms usually last less than 2 months; and some people may be ill for as long as 6 months. The average incubation period for hepatitis A is 28 days, and can happen from 15-50 days after exposure. For more information about hepatitis A and how to prevent illness if you have possibly been exposed to the virus, please call the Public Health Information Line at 885-3980.

The health and well-being of our customers and Jamba Juice team members are our highest priorities. Serving wholesome, healthy products in a safe environment is at the heart of our brand values and we will always do whatever it takes to live by our commitments. We acted quickly to resolve this situation and the store is now open, 100% safe and we look forward to getting back to what we do best, serving up liquid sunshine.

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