Healthy :: Mangos prove to be satisfying and healthy treat

All throughout the world, mangos are known as the “king of fruit.? But what is so good about mangos? Mangos actually offer many health benefits.

They are full of fiber; potassium; vitamins A, C, K; beta-carotene; other vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants. They also contain an enzyme that acts as a digestive aid and can be partially responsible for producing that “contentment” feeling.

Mangos also are low in calories, sodium and fat. They have tenderizing properties, so they are perfect for marinades and sauces. Their rich flavor also complements many meat and vegetable dishes.

Choose the perfect mango by smelling and squeezing. A ripe mango will have a fruity smell at the stem and will be slightly soft to the touch. If a mango still needs to ripen, it can be left at room temperature until slightly soft. Since different variations have different colors, color is not a proper indicator of ripeness. An ideal storage temperature for mangos is 55 degrees.

Their shelf life is at about one to two weeks, and once it is ripened, mangos should be refrigerated and eaten within a few days. Mangos are most in-season during the summer months. Make sure the skin is peeled off the mango before consuming, as it is not considered edible.

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