Healthcare :: Increased EU cooperation to improve and protect health

There is general support for a new overarching European Health Strategy and a desire for more cooperation between the European Commission and EU Member States to further improve and protect health in Europe, the results of a public consultation process reveal.

The Commission published today a report on the consultation on the forthcoming EU Health Strategy that sums up more than 150 responses received during the process, which closed in February.

The strategy, an attempt to rise to the challenges Europe will face in the coming years, will set broad objectives for health during the next decade. It will also aim to promote health across all policies and to tackle global health issues.

EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said: “There is widespread support in the health community for a strong and visionary European strategy on health. The EU is facing many new challenges which need to be tackled in a cooperative and coordinated way. This positive response recognises the EU’s ability to support improvements in health across the EU and the recognition of Europe as a key player in health on the global stage.”

The Commission will adopt a new Health Strategy later this year. The consultation was launched at the end of 2006 to clarify Member States’ and other stakeholders? wishes and expectations relating to the strategy. The Commission proposals to set overall objectives, and take a new approach to health in all policies and global health were welcomed. Many contributors stressed the importance of establishing an active partnership between the Commission and Member States and of open dialogue between the actors involved at all levels.

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