Health :: Providing health awareness to Korean Americans

In ongoing research studies among Korean American populations, Dr. Kim also is leading two unique community-based research initiatives that are providing health literacy, awareness, and interventions to underserved Korean Americans at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Working in partnership with the Korean Resource Center in Howard County, MD, Kim is employing community-based participatory research methods to address and surmount the health care barriers facing many ethnic minority populations today. In one study, she is exploring health literacy interventions for Korean Americans with high blood pressure (HBP), and in another is focusing on improving disease control and quality of life for Korean Americans with type 2 diabetes.

Both initiatives are helping Kim and co-investigators to gather much needed pilot and feasibility data on how effective diabetes self-management procedures can be adapted for a population where diabetes is now a growing health problem and limited English language skills can create barriers to care.

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