Health :: Closure of a fish stall, infected with Vibrio cholerae

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department has ordered the temporary closure of a fish stall in San Hui Market, Tuen Mun for thorough disinfection following the discovery of Vibrio cholerae in a water sample collected from its fish tank.

The water sample was collected from the stall on October 26. Results available today confirmed the presence of Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor serotype Inaba.

To protect public health, the Director of Food & Environmental Hygiene ordered the immediate closure of the fish stall. It will remain closed until the director is happy with its overall hygiene and satifsied that there are no immediate health risks.

Vibrio cholerae cannot survive high temperatures and can be killed by thorough cooking. To prevent cholera, the public should maintain good personal and food hygiene, and:

* wash and scrub shellfish thoroughly;

* clean the seafood and remove the internal organs;

* cook thoroughly before consumption;

* handle raw and cooked food with separate sets of utensils to avoid cross-contamination; and

* store raw and cooked food separately. Cooked food should be placed on the upper shelf of a refrigerator.


Health :: Closure of a fish stall, infected with Vibrio cholerae
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