Foot and Mouth disease :: Seventh Foot and Mouth disease infected farm, UK

Positive test results for Foot and Mouth disease (FMD) have now been confirmed at the site where it was decided that cattle should be slaughtered on suspicion earlier today. The site is within the existing Egham Protection Zone in Surrey and this becomes the seventh Infected Premises since 3rd August this year.

Minor changes are being made to the Protection Zone (PZ) and Surveillance Zone (SZ) in the area.

“It remains essential for animal keepers to practice the highest standards of biosecurity, remain vigilant for disease and report any suspicions immediately. Livestock owners should examine their livestock twice a day” says DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK.

Defra has also today published the latest Foot and Mouth Disease epidemiology report produced by the National Epidemiology Emergency Group. It concludes that Infected Premises 5 provides a link between the August and September cases with Infected Premises 5 probably being infected by mechanical transmission, either from the Pirbright site or one of the first two Infected Premises in the Elstead area. It also concludes that Infected Premises 3 and 4 were probably infected subsequently.

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