Foot and Mouth Disease :: Foot and Mouth Disease update – temporary control zones lifted

Based on further negative laboratory results for Foot and Mouth Disease and supporting veterinary advice, the decision has been taken to lift the two Temporary Control Zones in Kent and Surrey this evening.

As stated in the news release earlier today, the lifting of the Temporary Control Zones, combined with no further changes in the disease situation elsewhere means that the vaccination teams will be stood down from their current level of alert. Teams could be stood up again in five days, if needed.

Biosecurity literally means ?safe life?. If you work or come into contact with farm animals, biosecurity means taking steps to make sure that good hygiene practices are in place. This will help prevent the spread of animal disease. Disease may not always be apparent, especially in the early stages.

Be clean, particularly if handling animals or moving between different premises – if direct contact with farm animals cannot be prevented then it’s best practice to cleanse and disinfect protective clothing, footwear, equipment, vehicles etc. before and after contact.

A good biosecurity routine is always essential ? not just when there is a major disease outbreak. You should ensure that work methods are designed to minimise where possible movements of people, vehicles or equipment into areas where farm animals are kept.

During an outbreak: Only essential visitors should visit any premises with farm animals within areas where restrictions are involved.

FMD is a disease of cattle and very few human cases have ever been recorded even though the disease is endemic in animals in many parts of the world including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Foot and mouth disease only crosses the species barrier from cattle to human with very great difficulty. The last human case reported in Britain occurred in 1966. The disease in humans, in the very rare cases that have occurred, is mild, short-lived and requires no medical treatment.

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