Fitness :: Brits keep fit to look good, not reduce cancer risk

UK men and women say reducing their risk of cancer is last on a list of reasons to exercise, according to a national survey by Cancer Research UK and Cannons.

After keeping fit, the main motivation for 16-24 year olds to exercise is to look good. 59 per cent of women said they wanted to lose weight. And only 39 per cent of people wanted to reduce their risk of cancer.

Surprisingly, 16 per cent of women were not motivated by either health or vanity, and worryingly admitted to not taking any exercise at all.

The good news is that some messages about the benefits of activity and maintaining a healthy heart are getting through to people. 59 per cent of people cited reducing their risk of heart disease as a reason for taking part in sport or exercising.

The survey results were released today to launch a new partnership between Cancer Research UK and Cannons health and fitness clubs. TV presenter Jayne Middlemiss has lent her support by leading a unique exercise class ? the Tour de Cannons spinning challenge. The hour-long class will see members and non-members of Cannons take part in a virtual Tour de France and experience the thrills of the real thing, whilst raising money for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

Jayne Middlemiss said: “People exercise for lots of different reasons but hopefully the partnership between Cancer Research UK and Cannons will highlight that we should all be thinking about reducing our risk of cancer by trying to maintain a healthy body weight. I always try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly.

“I loved the Tour de Cannons class. It was great fun for a good cause and I got to work up a bit of a sweat at the same time.”

Louise Bishop, Cancer Research UK’s Reduce the Risk Campaign manager, said: “It’s believed that half of all cancers could be prevented by changes to lifestyle ? in the UK this is around 135,000 cases a year. Our partnership with Cannons is important for raising awareness of what people can do to reduce their risk of cancer and encourage them to make positive changes in their lifestyle.?


Fitness :: Brits keep fit to look good, not reduce cancer risk
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