Fibromyalgia :: Severe pain in left lower limb – Rhus Tox

Mrs. M.M. , 34 years consulted me on 19th April, 1971 for severe pain in her left lower limb. She had consulted the best available specialists for this ailment. But she could get little relief and now believed her disease to be incurable.

When she came to me I found her very desperate. I could get this information about pain, pain amel on getting up, hard pressure, continued motion/hot fomentation.

On the 19th, I prescribed Rhus Tox 200. 2 doses to be taken twice in water. On the 22nd April 1971, I got the report that there is no improvement. I changed the prescription and gave Colocynth 200 4 doses daily.

On the 25th I was also told that there was no change. I gave Thuja 1000 1 dose and followed it with Colocynth 200 the next day. This was continued till 30th and I was told that there is some relief but on walking the pain starts again but it is less in severity. By this time I got some confidence of the patient and so decided not to be in a hurry.

I gave Sac Lac for 2 days on 3rd May, I got the report that pain is not worse. The patient said she could not lie on left side. The pain therefore was not better by pressure. It was worse on beginning to move.

I decided to give Rhus Tox again, this time. I gave 1 dose of 200 and followed it with Sac Lac for 4 days. The pain was gradually better and improvement continued. I continued this prescription and the pain completely disappeared.

The husband of the patient asked me several times whether I could give this drug in high potency. I replied that so long this is working I need not give high potency.

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