Ulcers :: Chronic ulcers, Urticaria – Kali Carb

Mrs. L.G. , aged 32 years was under my treatment for chronic ulcers on both feet which were very slow to heal. I helped this patient with Silicea and Calendula ointment but the process took quite a long time and the ulcers used to become active every now and then.

She developed urticaria on 14.12.70 and was given Chloral Hydrate 6 3 doses.

On the evening of 14 December, she complained of fever and bodyache for which Rhus Tox 30 4 doses were prescribed.

On the 15th morning she reported great prostration, thirst for small quantities of water for which Arc. Alb. 30 4 doses were prescribed. This improved her weakness body pain but the Urticaria continued.

Her husband came to report on the evening of 15th and told that her Urticaria was worse during menses. I looked up this rubric in Kent’s repertory and found Bell, Kali C. and Pulsatilla under this rubric. Because of her mild temperament I was persuaded to prescribe Puls. 200.

This was continued till the 16th December 1970.

On the 17th December 1970 the patient came herself to see me.

She reported improvement in Urticaria but complained that swelling has appeared on both of her upper eyelids which was worrying her.

I did not waste any time in recognising that this is an indication for Kali Carb and that remedy was probably her remedy; I prescribed Kali Carb 200 3 doses.

On the 8th there was much improvement the Urticaria as well as the swelling of the upper eyelids disappeared.

Kali Carb was continued for sometime, it cured the ulcers of her feet completely and greatly improved her general health.

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