Endometriosis :: Homeopathic remedies and Endometriosis

To understand endometriosis let us quickly and briefly revise our knowledge about the anatomy of uterus. Uterus consists of three layers – the outermost peritoneal covering or perimetrium, the middle muscle layer or myometrium, the innermost mucus membrane or endometrium.

So what is endometriosis:

It is a disease in which endometrium spreads outside its normal location.

Endometriosis is a benign condition but has the power of invading healthy adjacent structures.
It is believed that endometriosis is in genes.

Researchers have reported that those women who have a family history of the disease are five times more likely to develop endometriosis. It is an oestrogen dependent disease. Often symptoms decrease during pregnancy, and usually disappear after menopause.

What are the sites of endometriosis:

1 When the endometrium invades the underlying myometrium it is called Adenomyosis interna.

2 The endometrial cells can attach to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, outer surface of the uterus, bladder, umbilicus, appendix, sigmoid colon.

Endometrial tissues outside the uterus respond to the sexual hormones in the same way the tissues inside the uterus respond – it swells and thickens, then sheds to mark the beginning of the next cycle. The blood that is shed from the endometrial tissue in abdominal cavity has no place to go, resulting in pools of blood causing an inflammation that forms scar tissue. The scar tissue can block the fallopian tubes or interfere with ovulation.

Another affect is formation of ovarian cyst which may again interfere with ovulation.

What are the causes of Endometriosis:

There are a few theories suggesting the probable causes of endometriosis.

One such theory is that some of the menstrual tissue backs up through the fallopian tubes into the abdomen where it implants and grows. Another theory indicates that it is a genetic birth abnormality in which endometrial cells develop outside the uterus during fetal development.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis:

1. Pain – Deep dull pain in the mid pelvis, radiating to sacrum, lumbar region, rectum and lower abdomen. In case of rupture of the cyst , severe pain occurs.

2. Dysmenorrhoea – before during or after menses.

3. Menorrhagia with shortened cycle.

4. Dyspareunea

5. Infertility

6. Bowel symptoms – Severe constipation or discomfort during defecation. Attacks of diarrhoea and tenesmus may occur.

7. Bladder symptoms – Unexplained attacks of periodic urinary infection with cyclical haematuria.

Physical examination reveals fixed tender enlarged retroverted uterus , fixity of large cystic swellings.

What are the complications of Endometriosis:

1. Ovarian cyst – It is the most common complication of endometriosis. It may also be called chocolate cyst because of the dark reddish brown blood inside it. The size of the cyst may vary from 1mm to 10cm.

2. Scar tissue may cause kidney impairment by blocking urine flow through the ureters.

3. Scar tissue may block the bowels.

4. Scar tissue may twist an ovary.

5. An ovarian cyst may rupture.

6. Decay of endometriosis cells may damage normal tissue.

7. Pneumothorax may occur if an endometrial implant is located in the lung.

8. Nervous system problems, such as seizures or paralysis, may occur if an endometrial implant is located in the brain or spinal cord.

Exams and tests:

A history of symptoms and menstrual periods.
A routine pelvic examination may reveal an abnormal mass.
Laproscopy is needed to confirm the diagnosis of endometriosis.
Ultrasound CT scan MRI In case of infertility, tests to find out the causes.


Home treatment may ease the pain and discomfort and supplements the medical treatment.
Applying heat such as heating pad or hot water bottle to the lower abdomen or a warm bath may relieve the pain by improving the blood flow.

Elevating the legs by placing a pillow under the knees when lying straight and placing knees up to the chest when lying on side will relieve back pressure.

Regular exercise improves the blood flow, increases secretion of certain pain relieving substances as endorphins naturally produced by the body.


Although there are no specifics, but certain drugs have special affinity for female genitals. Therefore according to the totality of the symptoms, we can s_elect the indicated remedy. I have found following drugs useful covering the symptom picture of Endometriosis.

It is the drug often used in Gynae cases. Just imagine a tall lady of narrow pelvis, devoid of intellectual lines, of irritable temperament, who desires to be left alone and lie down quietly, no disturbance from children, even caressing from husband is irritating, has developed an aversion to sex, suffers from constipation, a sensation of ball in the anus not better by stool, frequent urination with heaviness of bladder, feels bearing down or dragging in the lower abdomen, she feels sudden hot flashes and sweat of the whole body. She has brown patches on cheeks and forehead. She feels better by short sleep and eating.

This drug is for timid, weeping, mild, gentle, yielding lady who is easily moved from laughter to tears, seeks consolation, is inclined to be fleshy.
She complains of severe premenstrual colic, her urine dribbles while coughing , laughing or sneezing, sitting or walking. Her wandering pains are better walking in open air. She feels chilly even in a warm room. In the morning, on waking, she feels excitement of genitals and desire for coition.

The N.V. woman is lean, dyspeptic, bent forward, withered, of premature age who is angered easily, tears the things and scolds others. . She has pain in the uterine region, radiating to anus with frequent ineffectual desire for stool. During menses she has nausea in the morning with chilliness and attacks of fainting. She has painful frequent desire to urinate without passing a single drop. She craves bitter things, tonics.

A nervous, hysterical, awkwardly silly female, who drops the things while handling due to incoordination of muscles. The drug has affinity for right side -right ovarian cyst with stinging pains, complaints with violence and rapidity. Hyper aesthesia when occupied and not thinking of her problems.

Pain in uterine region from side to side, more the flow more the pain in hysterical and rheumatic constitutions. Many pains in different parts of the body are reflex symptoms from uterus and ovarian diseases. Left inframammary pains, cramping in muscles and joints. Restless and unhappy state of mind with heat on the top of the head.

Uterus is enlarged and fills the whole abdomen. The uterus is ossified and ovaries indurated.

Sterility with enlarged and hard uterus and ovaries She is depressed
because of her sterility. Her menses are frequent, profuse and excoriating.
She is melancholic, longs for death has suicidal thoughts. Constipation is during menses.

Left ovary swollen, painful, ovarian cyst. Pains shifting from left to right side or upwards to chest. Scanty painful discharge of black blood, headache during menses, relief of the symptoms by blood flow.

Too early, profuse and long lasting menses, menses return from mental emotions or overexertion. Sterility. Dysmenorrhoea, sweating of head and cold damp feet in blond flabby female.

The list of the remedies may be quite exhaustive .The formation of cyst in the ovary suggests the sycotic and spread to the inner lining of the uterus and to the other organs, the syphilitic nature of the disease. Therefore antimiasmatic drugs would also help.

Proper follow-up of the case and the assessment of the relief of the symptoms is what is expected in otherwise incurable disease called endometriosis.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    My daughter is 24 years old and recently her USG scan reveled that she has Endometriosis. I have taken her to the Homeopathy doctor who has assured me that there is nothing to worry and she will be completely alright. Her CA 125 test gave a reading of 8.57 u/ml. What does this mean? The homeopath says it is negative. Please, please say something and give me some relief. Will she be alright. She is the only child I have. Please help.


  2. I am sufferring from endometriosis since the age of 16 yrs and now at present i am 45 years old.My symptoms are Cutting wedge like pain in the abdomen,nausea,pain in the thighs and fatigue.Sometimes i feel famished,after the pain is over.I have done many treatment but could not get relief. Presently i am taking Iodum 6 which could control my problem to some extent.i am still searching for the right dose of Homoeopathic medicine .pls suggest

  3. i have a chocolate cyst in my left ovary almost 4.8 cms. it has remained the same for almost an year. i am 28 years old ,weighing 48 kgs,157 cms, had a miscarriage last year in aug at 4 weeks. i am a govt servant, have anxiety whenever i travel and get angry easily. i have always had pain during my periods since they began. the pain occurs in pelvic region mostly. but now the pain has eased little bit and i dont faint now.at times i would even faint. i easily get irritated and am little impatient also. its been 2 years of my marriage now. i get sad all of a sudden for no reasons at times.
    pl help…if any other info is required pl let me know. regards…

  4. Hi ..
    respected sir ..
    myself is suffering from endometriotic cysts in right ovary with size 2.8 and 2.4. I an of 29 yrs. Old, unmarried too. And during my periods i am suffering from a very painful disordes. Also my parents Are planning to get me married. Am i able to give birth in future?. Is it permanentaly curable? Please help me.. please suggest a proper medicines for me… I ll b vry thankful to you.
    arti shukla

  5. I am 47 yrs. old. By cesearian, I got a baby girl she is 18 now. I came to know 2-3 yrs before that I have adenomiosys for which I am taking ayurveda medicine since from then. After I started taking Ayurveda medicine I feel some improvement in my periods like normal bleeding no pain etc., But from 3 months I am getting only one-two drops of bleed everyday morning for 20 days like. After some days I got my periods normal bleeding. After 3 days of my periods got over,I got ayurveda body massage, then after 2 days, sudden heavy bleeding after consulting doctor took styplon and pause 500 tablets for 10 days. Dr. is again suspecting adeno bulky uterus fibroid hence called for scanning. Cud u pl. suggest me homeo will help from adeno and fibroid or shall I continue Ayurveda to sustain my uterus.

  6. Im 37 yrs old.suffering from heavy bleeding.before the actual flow starts brownish or reddish spotting have been seen for 5 to 7 days.recently the mens lasts for many days.sligt blood passes through.usg report shows endometrial echo is thickened(14.9mm).right overy is bulkey.one heterogenious sol of size 42.7mmx35.6mm seen at right adnexa abutting right overy.


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