Diet :: Clif Bar The Natural Energy Bar

These rich, nicely textured bars taste better than any other energy/supplement bar out there.

Granted, this product is a true “health food” in that there are no refined sugars and many of the ingredients are organic.

Nice to include trace minerals and lots of vitamin C and E. But it’s an energy bar for feeding an active body.

Clif qualifies as a food substitute on some levels… as in case of sustained strenuous activity or if you are traveling in a country with lack of hygienic food service. But it’s loaded with sodium (as much as 210 mg), fat (around 6 gms), and sugars (20 g).

Great if you are rock-climbing like that athletic fellow on the package.

It is recommended that consumer drink a large quantity of water with every Clif bar, and perhaps that, with their hefty fiber content, is why they can be so satisfying. But people with big appetites will probably be tempted to eat more.

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