Diabetes :: New Disposable Insulin Pens for People with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Sanofi-aventis announced that a new disposable insulin pen, SoloSTAR? for use with the 24-hour insulin LANTUS? or/and the rapid-acting insulin APIDRA? will be available in Europe starting April 2007.

LANTUS?SoloSTAR? and APIDRA?SoloSTAR?, have previously received European Commission approval. Sanofi-aventis, the developer, manufacturer and marketer of LANTUS?SoloSTAR? and APIDRA?SoloSTAR?, is currently building significant manufacturing capability to support worldwide launches. The first launch of LANTUS?SoloSTAR? is planned in Germany in April 2007.

SoloSTAR? is a new, easy-to-use disposable pen for administration of LANTUS? and APIDRA?. SoloSTAR? reduces the injection force by 30% or more in comparison to other leading disposable pens. This is beneficial for all people with diabetes and in particular for those with lower grip strength and the estimated up to 58% of individuals with limited joint mobility of the hand. SoloSTAR ? has the highest dose range of any disposable insulin pen with doses up to 80 units adjustable in 1 unit steps. To help with correct insulin identification and differentiation SoloSTAR? is also the only disposable insulin pen with a completely different pen colour for each different insulin.

?LANTUS?SoloSTAR? and APIDRA?SoloSTAR? are the result of over four years of intensive development and testing. We have designed this pen with input from people with diabetes, from nurses and from doctors, resulting in a delivery system that we trust will meet the real needs of users?, explained Gilles Lhernould, Senior Vice President Industrial Affairs sanofi-aventis.

?Insulin therapy for people with type 2 diabetes is generally initiated very late in the course of the disease, resulting in the risk of raise of diabetes-related organs damages?, explained Satish Garg, Professor, Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, USA. ?Easy-to-use pens such as SoloSTAR? bring greater flexibility for the patients and an opportunity for earlier initiation of insulin therapy which may contribute to better glycaemic control?, Denis Raccah, Professor of Endocrinology, University Hospital Sainte Marguerite, France, added.

SoloSTAR? will be available for use with LANTUS?, the only once-daily 24-hour basal insulin analog, and the rapid acting insulin analog APIDRA?, which offers a faster onset of action and a shorter duration of action than regular human insulin.

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