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A woman had a baby at home who was going through the teething process, having terrible colic and screaming in pain all the time. She had tried different medicines and the frozen teething rings but it wasn’t helping. She didn’t know what to do and the whole family was on edge because of the baby.

I asked a couple of questions to confirm her baby’s troubles. She had one red cheek where the tooth was coming in, she was sweaty and was incredibly irritable with an intolerable piercing scream. As for the colic, the child would pull her legs up into her belly like an accordion, over and over again until she would pass wind.

Nothing seemed to satisfy the baby and even her favourite toys would be thrown away in a temper. The baby only wanted her mother and wanted to be carried constantly. As soon as the mother would put her down she would start shrieking again.

I suggested she buy some Chamomilla 30c for her baby. Chamomilla is almost a specific in homeopathy for teething pains. It also helps the colic and especially the capriciousness of wanting something and then pushing it away as soon as it is given.

When giving remedies to babies, take one of the pills and crush it between two spoons. Then tap the powder into the baby’s mouth, or put it in the bottle. One dose given morning and night provides comfort to the child.

Once the baby is calm, stop the remedy and repeat only if the same symptoms return.

Adrianna Holman BSc, LCH, RSHom

Adrianna Holman is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, RSHom. She practises from several clinics in London (W1, E14, SE1) in addition to providing online consultations from her website Please phone 0207 407 8428 for more information or email

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