Dental Health :: Oral Medicine by Professor Crispian Scully

Oral Medicine, which Professor Scully co-wrote with Sergio Gandolfo and Marco Carozzo, both of the University of Turin, Italy, is designed to help dental practitioners recognise the signs and symptoms of conditions affecting the soft tissues of the mouth, such as ulcers and oral cancer, as well as the oral effects of systemic diseases. The title is published by Churchill Livingstone Elsevier.

In May 2006, Quintessence Publishing launched Culturally Sensitive Oral Healthcare, co-authored with Nairn Wilson: a reference work to help dental professionals to take the beliefs of patients into account when deciding upon a course of treatment. The book covers many aspects of culturally sensitive healthcare, outlines features of various religions and faiths, and discusses cultural groups.

Earlier this year, British Dental Association Books published Oral Medicine: Update for the Dental Practitioner, co-authored with David Felix; which provides detail to help primary dental clinical teams caring for patients with oral complaints seen in general dental practice.

The Spanish publisher Rothodomenech SL also published Medicina Y Patologia Oral (Oral Medicine and Pathology), co-authored with Jose Bagan; a Spanish-language handbook on the specialty.

The Society of Oral Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey published Periodontology:oral medicine interactions, co-authors with H Tanyeri and S Mutlu.

Professor Scully’s first book in 2007 will be another Churchill Livingstone Elsevier title Special Care in Dentistry: Handbook of Oral Health Care, co-authored with Pedro Diz Dios and Navdeep Kumar; due for release in January

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