Dental Health :: New brace could beatify your face

A dentist in London has developed a brace that fixes faces instead of teeth and could beautify your face giving anti-aging effects.

The “Oralift” brace developed by Nick Mohindra, at Wimpole Street fits in the mouth and places a load on the facial muscles, improving tone and circulation, according to the online edition of the Daily Mail.

Users have reported remarkable anti-ageing effects, including reduced lines and eye bags, more prominent cheekbones, smoother skin, and a firmer jaw line. Even it could improve hair quality and increase fullness of the lips.

“It’s funny to think of the Oralift as a brace that beautifies, but that’s what it is. Here we have a simple device, worn in the mouth that can turn an ugly duckling into a swan,” Mohindra said.

“People spend a fortune on cosmetic surgery, which doesn’t always have the desired result and can occasionally prove disastrous. Oralift sculpts the face without the need of a scalpel, using the body’s own natural healing processes, and is completely safe,” added Mohindra.

The appliance can be worn only at night, when it works passively, or during the day and while eating.

The cost of an Oralift is 2,500 pounds and it is said to last a lifetime.

“This treatment has given me back my youthful look and restored the vitality to my face. It is amazing,” Janan Harb, 58, wife of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia who used the brace, is quoted as saying on Mohindra’s website,

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