Cosmetic Surgery :: Liposuction and Botox – top cosmetic surgical procedures

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to announce the results of its 2005 Procedural Data. This information is collected by polling the Academy’s U.S.-based members and for the sixth year in a row, liposuction proved to be the nation’s top cosmetic surgical procedure with Botox? injections being the top non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery :: Pec Implants – Men in the Line

Nobody likes body flaws. Body distortions detract us from a positive feeling. Youthful appearance and fit looks give definite benefit in society and business. Men are lately becoming increasingly aware of this and turning to cosmetic procedures, popularly known as male plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery :: Aesthetic Chin Surgery – considerations before the procedure

Chin implant surgery, or aesthetic chin surgery, is both a cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery meant to provide better balance to the face. It is usually done at the time of nose surgery. Aesthetic chin surgery uses implants of various shapes and sizes made out of solid and/or semi solid materials. It can give dramatic results in overall face enhancement.

Cosmetic Surgery :: Cheek implants n silicone lip augmentation -Facial Beauty

Today, we live in a culture totally youth-oriented. Aspiration to get younger, healthier and beautiful (or handsome) is growing. Face is the most remarkable feature of a human body. We know someone by face as much as we know by one?s name and fame. But with age we loose the youthfulness and face is the striking human future that shows our loss in terms of health and beauty, by developing loose skins, fine lines and bags around the eyes.

Cosmetic Surgery :: Tissue Glues in Cosmetic Surgery

Tissue Glues in Cosmetic Surgery (edited by Renato Saltz and Dean M. Toriumi, and published by Quality Medical Publishing) is the first book on this topic for clinicians. The editors have used tissue glues in their practices for many years and now distill their experience for a wider audience.

Stem Cell Therapy :: New treatment option – stem cells

In principle, stem cells (immature cells that have not yet differentiated into specific types of cells) can be used to repair bone, cartilage, tendon and other injured or aged tissues. These cells can be derived from the patient’s own bone marrow and thus present no problem of immune rejection.

Skin Care :: Homoeopathic cosmetology – beautifying hair, skin, and nails

Today in the fast moving world of competition, it has become extremely important to be presentable so as to get noticed or one will get swayed away in the crowd. This presentation demands hard work and talent but outer persona have to be appealing to give confidence. But with so much stress, our “skin which is a mirror of our mind” also reflects it. People come up with so many problems like Acne, Pigmentation, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hairfall, Scar marks etc.

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