Cosmetic Surgery :: Tissue Glues in Cosmetic Surgery

Tissue Glues in Cosmetic Surgery (edited by Renato Saltz and Dean M. Toriumi, and published by Quality Medical Publishing) is the first book on this topic for clinicians. The editors have used tissue glues in their practices for many years and now distill their experience for a wider audience.

This is a comprehensive text that begins with describing the tissue sealants available today as well as the general conditions under which they may be useful adjuncts to traditional surgical techniques. Further chapters address the application of tissue glues in specific circumstances.

In general, fibrin sealants may be useful for closing dead space, obtaining hemostasis, and avoiding drains in larger procedures.

Cyanoacrylates are more suited to facilitating epidermal closures, often after the placement of deep sutures and in lieu of epidermal sutures.

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