Contact Lens :: Alert on Advanced Medical Optics Complete MoisturePlus Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution

FDA announced that many consumers may not be aware of the May 2007 recall of Complete MoisturePlus Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution manufactured by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) and continue to use the recalled product.

Several cases of Acanthamoeba Keratitis have been reported to CDC that involve the use of AMO Complete MoisturePLUS after the recall was announced.

Individuals who wear soft contact lenses should stop using the Advanced Medical Optics Complete MoisturePLUS product immediately, discard all remaining solution including partially used or unopened bottles.

The contact lens is a device worn in the eye to correct vision, although some people wear colored contact lens to enhance or change their eye color. The thin plastic lens floats on a film of tears directly over the cornea. For some forms of eye disease, contact lenses correct vision better than conventional spectacles. Many people prefer contact lenses over glasses for cosmetic reasons, and active sports enthusiasts prefer contact lens because of the freedom it provides them.

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