Vitamin C :: Vitamin C could prevent heart disease

The old theory about vitamin C, that it helps prevent the common cold, still hasn’t proved true. But a new study says it might help prevent something more important: heart disease. A study tracking more than 85,000 nurses over 16 years found that those taking vitamin C supplements had a 28 percent lower risk of getting heart disease.

Homoeopathy has the answer to emergencies

It is the misconception in the minds of general public (sometimes physicians too) that homoeopathic medicines are for warts, skin allergies, common cold/cough only. Whereas homoeopathic system is a complete system of therapeutics having no limitation. Limitation lie with the physician who practices it not in the system. Its approach is hundred percent scientific, humanistic& wholistic (holistic too).

Birth of Nature Cure and Its Beliefs Starts at Home!

In the beginning of the earth, the home remedy is the first cure in the history of Medicine, which started with grass, fruits, nuts, leaves, and other medicinal plants and trees. Most of the places the cure starts from the parents to the children or the traditional healer of the village, where the people have the belief. Many home remedies have great values in common. Like the modern, in home remedies also there is harmful or risky in its effects. So to do no harm to your body, use home remedies, if you are sure they are safe and know exactly how to use them. So, always to follow a better Herbalists in your area.

Treating coughs and colds

Every change of season brings with it an epidemic of cough and colds. Children are the most vulnerable as they have a developing respiratory system and are frequently exposed to infection at school. Dr Meherbaan Singh, former Professor of Pediatrics, AIIMS, gives tips on how to tackle cough and colds:

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