Chinese relatives demand apology from Malaysia

As the search for the wreckage of the crashed Malaysian jet in the Indian Ocean failed to yield any breakthrough, anguished relatives of Chinese passengers aboard the ill-fated plane on Sunday, demanded that Malaysia must apologise for its misleading statements.

Some 29 family members from China arrived in Kuala Lumpur and held a news conference imploring officials to be more transparent.

Possible debris sightings by Chinese, Australian and New Zealand military planes have not yielded any solid clues in one the most baffling mysteries as the search for the Malaysia Airliner entered the 22nd day today.

10 aircraft and eight ships tasked to scour the Indian Ocean, after early sightings in the new search zone have drawn a blank.

The Australian navy ship given the job of finding the black box recorder of flight MH370 is preparing to leave Perth to join search operations.

The towed pinger locater on the Ocean Shield has a range of 1.6km and depth capability up to 6,000m.

An unmanned US underwater drone will also be on board, ready to dive once the pinger locater has found a signal to map the sea floor and photograph potential debris there.

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