Cars 2 cruised to a No. 1 finish with a $68 million

The pioneering Hollywood studio which brought the world the first computer animated feature said its latest film is almost like looking at the real world.

‘Cars 2’ proved much better than a lemon over the weekend, topping the box office in its grand debut. The animated sequel starring Larry the Cable Guy and Owen Wilson acquired $68 million its first weekend.

Pixar has built itself an enviable reputation as a reliable source of family friendly, high-quality storytelling, but when it comes to “Cars 2,” that wonderful Pixar charm somehow went amiss. Where the first Pixar movie, “Cars,” got its power boost.

With a merchandising bonanza targeting families with children under 12, especially young boys, “Cars 2” — which follows Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) overseas where the talking cars become involved in an international espionage tale — proved the franchise is still strong.

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