Cancer :: Anti-Cancer Compound Found in Beans, Nuts, Cereals

Dr Marco Falasca of University College London (UCL), and team, tested inositol pentakisphosphate (a natural substance found in beans, peas, nuts and cereals) on mice and cancer cells in the lab.

The investigators report that the compound killed tumors and made drugs more effective against ovarian and lung cancer cells.

The scientists found that the compound inhibits phosphoinositde 3-kinase, an enzyme that promotes tumor growth.

These findings suggest that this phosphate inhibitor may help researchers develop new cancer treatments.

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Cancer :: Anti-cancer compound found in beans, nuts, cereals

Eating a diet rich in beans, nuts and cereals could help to prevent cancer because the foods contain a natural compound that inhibits the growth of tumors.

Scientists at University College London (UCL) said that the substance called inositol pentakisphosphate, which is also found in lentils and peas, could also help researchers develop new therapies against the disease.

Scientists have been trying to develop drugs to inhibit the cancer-promoting enzyme but have had difficulty so far.

When the researchers tested inositol pentakisphosphate in mice and cancer cells in the laboratory, it killed the animal tumors and enhanced the effect of drugs used against ovarian and lung cancer cells.

The researchers believe the compound, which was non-toxic even at high concentrations, could also be used to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs.

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