Breast :: Breast pain or discomfort in women

Pain or discomfort usually affecting one or both breasts. This is more common between the ages of 15 and 50.Breast Pain is an extremely common problem. In most women, the pain is cyclical, varying in severity in response to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle. This cyclical pain is usually most severe before menstrual periods and tends to affect both breasts.

Cyclical breast pain affects as many as 1 in 2 women and is commonly a chronic problem. In some women, the pain is severe. Women who experience cyclical breast pain often also have generalized breast lumpiness, which tends to become worse before a menstrual period. The pain may be aggravated by stress and by caffeine in certain drinks.

In some women, breast pain is not related to menstruation. Muscle strain may result in non-cyclical breast pain. Rarely, pain is caused by a breast cyst or breast cancer. Breast pain may also be due to an acute problem, such as an infection that causes inflammation of the breast tissue or engorgement of the breast with milk after childbirth. Some times, the cause of breast pain is not known. If you have large breasts, you are more likely to suffer from both cyclical and non-cyclical breast pain.

Mrs. Promilla Age 35yrs Came to me on 10 Dec 03 for Complaint of pain in the both the breasts. She was having fear of cancer in the breast.The Lady was obese.She does not want to go in the crowd. She does not want to do mental and physical work. She also complaint of acidity, heaviness in the epigastric region, Agg after eating. She likes cold drinks, sour eructation, fatty meal agg the complaints. Rheumatic pain in the joints, Agg. From first movement. Menses after 20 days last for 6 days. Profuse bleeding clots. Heaviness of the head, Agg before menses. Leucorrhoea white colour Family history of mother suffering from diabetes and hypertension. She was given Cal. C 1m dose with Placebo for 15 days on the next visit. Patient shows some signs of improvement. Again the Placebo repeated for 15 days. After that patient reported more recovery.

Mrs. Lata Age 30 complaint of pain and swelling in the breast seven days before menses. She is mother of two children. She is very sensitive nature imbecility, complete Indifference, no interest in anything, aversion to society. She likes more salty things. She gave a history of Injury to the breast few years back, just before the onset of breast pain. She reported menses after 35 days lasts for three days. Bleeding scanty, menses painful on the first day. Leucorrhoea during urination.The Case was repertorised in the computer through complete repertory and the medicine was selected Conium 1m on dated 15 sept 2003.Three doses of Conium 1M after every half an hour was given followed by placebo for One month and told to he reported after menses. On the next visit she told me she much better.

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