Beauty :: Beauty care – Companies Woo Older Men

Beauty and skin care is not just for the upwardly mobile young males. A growing number of older ones too are going in for all those expensive moisturisers and fairness creams, not to forget cosmetic surgery, which too is a rage.

Beauty and personal grooming are no longer simply a woman’s domain, says beauty diva Shahnaz Husain. “Men no more shy away from skin and hair treatments, manicure, pedicure and even cosmetic surgery. The recent mushrooming of men’s beauty parlours is indicative of the fact. And those frequenting them are anywhere between 15 to 50.” “Indian men in metros and semi-metros are becoming more and more conscious of their looks. The young work force is very conscious about looks. At present, an equal number of men, both young and old, and women visit beauty parlours,” says Dr. Shobha Sehgal, Chief Technical Officer-Beauty services, VLCC Healthcare.

According to industry estimates, the market for male grooming products is estimated to be around Rs. 800 crore. The market share of the premium male grooming product segment has been growing at the rate of three to five per cent annually during the last few years but it is expected to pick up in the coming years, notes Shahnaz.

The current trend in men’s salons is towards specialized products and services. It is estimated that on an average a male spends an hour and a half at a salon today, compared to just 30 to 40 minutes, a few years ago, she says.

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