Clinical Trial :: Clinical Conductor Breakthrough for Clinical Researchers

Bio-Optronics, a workflow solutions company, announced the launch of Clinical Conductor, a new Clinical Trial Management System for practitioners of clinical research. Clinical Conductor is a web-based clinical trial management system for physician’s offices, research centers and academic medical centers.

“Clinical Conductor is the most powerful CTMS available and at the same time, it’s affordable, easy to use and scalable — appropriate for physicians who conduct a few trials a year, academic medical centers performing high volumes of research across many sites, or any scale in between,” said Bio-Optronics President, Mike Kamish.

Clinical Conductor is the first true enterprise solution for clinical research. The solution manages a research organization’s entire operations, including studies, staff scheduling, visit scheduling, treatment tracking, finances, workload planning, recruitment, marketing, internal communications, site calendars, and more.

Tom Calzone, CFO of Rochester Clinical Research, has already seen significant improvements within his organization after implementing Clinical Conductor.

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