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Dr. Nikunj Trivedi D.H.M.S.
(Gold Medallist)

Arti Clinic is Homeopathic practice established by Nikunj Trivedi in 1980.
From 1980, Nikunj had full time private practice in India. Since 2004 he is practicing homeopathy at Leicester (UK).

Experience gained by Nikunj, during his undergraduate training at a 100 bed private hospital in India helped him to develop good clinical diagnostic skills. He is very good at identifying an illness with the help of medical test. As he had worked in all medical division during his undergraduate study he always gives importance to normal physiology to deranged pathology (follows principle of Organon of Medicine). As a student, Nikunj had intensive work experience in the area of gynaecology and obstretics. As a results, he developed keen interest in treatment of male and female reproductive disorders using Homeopathy. Since then, Nikunj has been using most advanced and innovative approaches for homeopathic treatment.

Arti Clinic is based in Leicester (East Midlands). The good thing about being in the heart of country means that we are very well placed for getting around.

Web Site: articlinic.com

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