Allergy :: Symptoms of food allergy in children

Food allergy in children commonly results in irritating, uncomfortable symptoms that occur after eating a food or food additive.

Upper respiratory symptoms:

* Clear, runny nasal discharge

* Stuffy nose

* Itchy nose

* A horizontal crease across the top of the nose caused by frequent rubbing.

* A cold from April to October, with a clear nasal discharge.

* Mouth breathing

* Wheezing

* Dry cough

Gastrointestinal symptoms:

* Pulls legs up to abdomen and cries

* Screams as if in pain from cramps

* Passes gas or belches frequently

* Spits up often, especially after eating

* Suffers from chronic diarrhea

Skin changes:

* Eczema (dry, itchy patches on the cheeks and the creases of the arms and legs)

* Redness to skin

* Rash on the chest/abdomen that will not clear up

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