Allergic Rhinitis :: Allergic rhinitis – Allium Cepa

Mr. R.D. A., 54 years came to see me on the 21st July, 1969 for what was diagnosed as allergic rhinitis of 24 years duration. I gathered the following points from his history :

Attacks of sneezing only in an unstable weather. No attack in winter or loo period in summer. During an acute attack of sneezing wants to sit against a fast wind blowing to the full e.g. in front of a cooler or a fan blowing air on his face. There was smarting in the nose with watery discharge.

I could not get any other significant point in the case and based my prescription on the significant modality and prescribed Allium Cepa 30 Q.I. D. for 4 days.

The patient returned on 25.7.1969 very much better. I continued the medicine. The patient visited me on 30th July, 9th August, 13th August and 19th August, 1969 with no complaints.

On the last visit he remarked that this drug has been given him new life. For the last 24 years he has been having various treatments but did not get any relief.

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