Dacryocystitis :: Excessive lachrymation from left eye – Euphrasia

Baby aged 2 months was brought to me on 28.5.66 for excessive lachrymation from the left eye. At no time the left eye was dry. This trouble dated from birth. The left eye looked smaller than the right eye. This made the parents more anxious. The child was treated by allopathic drugs prescribed by several allopathic physicians but did not give him any relief.

The parents were told by one doctor that there is choking in the duct connecting the eye and the nose and so the normal secretion is not able to go to the nose and it might need an operation.

The parents decided to consult me. I prescribed Euphrasia 30, 4 doses per day and Euphrasia eye drops for a week and advised to stop all allopathic drugs.

The mother of the child came back on 3.6.66 and reported improvement. Since I was going on leave for about 20 days, I arranged medicine for about a month. Euphrasia 30 4 doses per day and eye drops to be used 4 times a day, were prescribed.

On 14th June I got a letter “eyes are very often full of white material. The watering no doubt is less.” I advised to continue the medicine.

The mother saw me on 9th July, 1966 and reported that the eyes were perfectly all right and they had written so to the father of the child who was at Jhansi but yesterday his is again troubling. I examined the eye and told that this was one an attack of acute conjunctivitis. I prescribed Sulphur 30 2 doses to be given on that day and Sac Lac for 3 days and advised to continue the eye drops.

Sulphur was prescribed to clear the way for Euphrasia which seemed to be ineffective this time. The mother of the child returned on the 3rd day i.e. on 12th July. There was appreciable change. I returned to my previous prescription and gave Euphrasia 30 2 doses per day. I got the following message on 15th July.

“Dear Doctor,
Your kind self had asked us to bring that baby for the eye examination on the 4th day i.e. on the 16th but I hereby wish to inform you that his eyes are perfectly all right. This medicine has worked wonders along with the increased doses of the eat-able medicine as suggested by you. There is neither water nor what white material in his eyes now since past two days. Now I think we should come back to the normal doses of the medicine i.e. 4 times a day. Kindly advise in this matter. The baby will be leaving Ajmer on the 24th of July.”

I advised to continue Euphrasia 30 2 doses per day and the eye drops also 2 times per day.

On 3rd August I received a letter from the father of the child.

“My dear Dr. Rastogi,
I am not personally known to you but my son dear Sunil Kumar (Reg. No. 1951) has remained under your treatment for his eye, for the last 2 months. Everybody at home including the grandfather and the grandmother of the young kid join me when I express my deep gratitude to you for restoring the eyes of the baby almost to normal now. I along with my sister-in-law Miss _ had come to see you on 23rd ultimo, to show you dear Sunil’s eyes and obtain further instructions from you before leaving Ajmer on the same date but you were out of station that day and unfortunately we could not consult you. His eyes have not shown any sign of trouble so far, etc.”

I have advised the father of the child to continue the medicine for another month and report back.

The letter of August 19th says “No water of white discharge has been observed in his eye. The difference between the two eyes also not very perceptible.”

This is simple case from the homoeopathic point of view and illustrates how the symptoms are guides to the correct medicine. Diagnosis of the case is important but it should not be the basis for homoeopathic prescription.

The prescription of Euphrasia in the above case was guided by the symptoms and I was not worried by the story that doctors have told that there was obstruction and it might need an operation.

The second important point to observe in this case is the use of Sulphur 30 2 doses, after which Euphrasia acted rapidly and the relief was lasting.

The 3rd point of importance was that the unhealthy left eye looked smaller than the right eye. After the restoration to health this eye looked normal and there was no difference between the two eyes in appearance.

Perhaps this was a case of Chronic Dacryo-Cystitis which did not yield to antibiotics.

In this connection I quote in full a passage from Dr. Hughes ‘Principles and Practice of Homoeopathy’ page 414, Third Indian Edition, Dr. Hughes has suggested some other drugs for similar conditions. “So far I have been speaking of Acute Dacryo-Cystitis. In its chronic form or stage it comes before us as Epiphora, with distention of the lachrymal Sac or at least hyperaemia of the passages. Dr. Tessier has related a series of such cases in which cure resulted from the use of Graphites, Calcarea and Silicea; or where the os unguis or the periosteum seemed involved Mercurius and Hepar. The 12th dilution was mainly used. Dr. Kafka has put on record a case of incessant lachrymation of the right eye, caused by exposure to a strong north wind, Natrum Mur 6 cured in 4 weeks; and was equally efficacious when, on later occasions, the troubles returned.

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