Ageing :: Ageing a primary concern – York Chow, Hong Kong

Ageing in the community is one of the primary concerns that needs be addressed in elderly care policy, Secretary for Health, Welfare & Food Dr York Chow says.

Visiting Eastern District today, he said to enhance quality of life for the elderly, the Government will boost subsidised home-based or centre-based community care and support services and promote active ageing.

He first visited the Chai Wan District Elderly Community Centre run by the Society for the Aged. He joined a forum and shared views and concerns with the elderly, before watching a Chinese orchestra training class for them.

Dr Chow then called at the Richmond Fellowship’s New Jade Manufacturing Centre to learn about the operation of an integrated vocational rehabilitation service for people who have recovered from mental illness. He was pleased to learn participants felt the training and employment programmes were useful in equipping them with better work skills. He encouraged the trainees to face their challenges and integrate into the society.

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