Acne :: Simple truths about pimples

For adolescents, acne is more than mere pimples – it’s a social nightmare. Dr K.N. Agarwal, Chairman (Paediatrics), Metro Group of Hospitals, tells us why it occurs and how it can be avoided.

* Acne first appear during puberty, when sex hormones stimulate more oil production in the skin pores. Excess oil and the cells lining the skin pore ‘plug’ together and block the pores, resulting in blackhead or whitehead pimples.

* Simple washing and scrubbing don’t help. Neither does pinching and pricking the pimple as it delays healing and leaves a scar behind.

* Avoid using cosmetics or hair oil as they may worsen the condition by clogging skin pores.

* Using a regular face wash with glycerin helps clear the skin of pimples in mild cases.

* Avoid make-up. If you have to, use oil-free and non-acnegenic moisturisers would help keep the skin’s oil component low.

* Pimples generally subside after adolescence. But if the condition is severe, consult a dermatologist.

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